Les marchés de Saint-Germain... à vos paniers !

Un marché se tient dans notre ville presque chaque jour de la semaine (sauf les lundis et jeudis). En coeur de ville, devant la gare de Grande-Ceinture ou place des Rotondes, les marchés sont un lieu de rencontre et de convivialité.

Les jours de marché

Marché central de Saint-Germain-en-Laye
Place du Marché-Neuf

  • Mardi et vendredi de 8h30 à 13h
  • Dimanche de 8h30 à 13h30

Marché Pereire
Jusqu'au printemps 2021, le marché a lieu rue Franklin. À partir du 27 mars 2021, il se tiendra place Michel-Pericard dans l'éco-quartier de la Lisière Pereire. 

  • Samedi de 8h30 à 13h

Marché des Rotondes
Place des Rotondes

  • Vendredi de 15h à 19h30
    Attention, la rue Franz-Schubert est fermée à la circulation chaque vendredi de 13h à 20h30

Marché de Fourqueux
Place de l'Espace Pierre Delanoë

  • Les mercredis et samedis de 7h à 13h30

“Markets mean life” in the centre, place des Rotondes, rue Franklin

Marché des Rotondes : tous les vendredis de 15h à 19h30.

The last step of the Bel-Air paved complex becoming Place des Rotondes was the opening of a market on Fridays afternoon (3 pm to 7.30 pm) in 2016, meeting inhabitants’ expectations. With some twenty stalls offering quality products at reasonable prices, the market allows for more possibilities than just shopping.

Focusing on living together

Like on those markets in the city centre and Place Christiane-Frahier (transferred to rue Franklin during construction of Lisière Pereire), it is also a place for warm and friendly exchanges, in favour of living together. “Markets mean life! Their economic and social role can’t be replaced”, highlights Laure Meunier, city councillor for stallholders. The Saint-Germain ones have existed for centuries and its inhabitants are bound to them!”

Official existence since 1526

The official founding act of Saint-Germain-en-Laye markets is a licence letter by François 1er on April 13th, 1526, whose care for the city prosperity made him establish four fair days (May 28th, July 31st, September 13th and December 1st). The letter was confirmed in January 1593 by Henri IV who added the creation of two weekly markets at the place of the nowadays rue du Vieux-Marché:

  • the first one on Mondays for grain, flour and pork…,
  • the second one on Thursdays for grain only.

“The exact origin of markets is nevertheless difficult to establish”, thinks Laure Meunier. “Since Saint-Germain became a “town”, there were certainly markets for inhabitants and neighbours to buy food. It was probably around carts and wheelbarrows that the new stalls started their installation”. Three other market days were soon added to Mondays and Thursdays for vegetables, fruits, meat, fish.

A market on each day

“There again it is difficult to know when they started. The only sure thing: it was before 1667, as stated in a settling by France’s “grand prévôt”(provost), according to which there is an every-day market on nowadays rue du Vieux-Marché. It was in 1766 that the “Old Market” was transferred to its nowadays place and called “New Market” in place of the cemetery”.